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Veterinary Dentistry for Dogs, Cats & Small Pets

veterinary pet dental

Fresh breath, clean teeth, and healthy gums contribute greatly to the overall health and comfort of your pet. Malta Animal Hospital performs general dental assessments at every wellness exam. Then we create an appropriate dental care plan, addressing your pet’s specific needs at every stage of life. Teeth cleaning, gum care, extractions, and oral surgery are performed with extraordinary attention to the comfort and safety of your pet.

Pet Dental Care Benefits

Benefits of pet dental care extend well beyond fresh breath and white teeth. Infections and gum disease can quickly lead to liver, kidney, or other systemic illnesses in pets. This dramatically reduces lifespan, causes unnecessary pain, and may result in the need for expensive and invasive procedures.

A home health care routine has added benefits for pets and their owners. Regular examination of the pet’s mouth can lead to early identification of serious or painful issues between wellness visits, such as broken teeth or gum inflammation. Early identification and prompt treatment of oral health issues helps prevent secondary infections, maximizes patient health, and can even reduce total cost of care!

veterinary pet dental

In addition, a regular teeth brushing routine enhances the socialization process, develops trust, improves training efforts, and benefits the human–animal bond.

These benefits can be shared by every member of the family and result in a happier, more willing companion.

Still need help? Our technicians can help you “brush up” on your technique or provide a demonstration.

Dog, Cat, and Small Mammal Dental Services

Our dental services include teeth cleaning (manual and ultrasonic scaling) and polishing, tooth extractions, and oral surgery. In addition, we can help you develop a home care plan for the best oral health possible.

Veterinary Dentistry Discount

Malta Animal Hospital offers a reduced rate for recommended services, a special incentive for pet owners who act on our recommendations quickly. We offer a 10% discount on any dental work performed within 30 days of exam and recommendation. Contact our hospital for details.

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