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Keep Your Pocket Pets Healthy with Regular Veterinary Care

Malta Animal Hospital treats small domestic mammals commonly referred to as pocket pets. This group of animal companions includes guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, mice, rats, and gerbils.

Wellness Care for Pocket Pets

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As soon as you adopt or purchase one of these little charmers, bring your small pet in for an initial visit. We perform a thorough exam to determine overall health and initiate supportive care if your pet has any problems or is ill. We weigh the patient at every visit to determine appropriate growth and look for signs of any developing health problems. Some small mammals even require dental care, and we can advise you about addressing this need.

At the first visit, we teach you how to provide for the special needs of your new pet. From housing and bedding to food and activity, each type of pocket pet has unique requirements. Thereafter, at each visit, we discuss changes since the last visit, possible concerns, and any questions you have about the care of your pet.

Annual Checkups Are Essential

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Pocket pets should visit the veterinarian annually for a checkup to keep them healthy and strong. Even if your pet does not require vaccinations, the annual exam is essential.

These regular veterinary exams are especially important for small animals, because their health can change quickly. Most pocket pets have a life span of only two to eight years. This means they age at a rapid rate, experiencing physical changes in one year that equal 40 human years. However, with regular veterinary care, your little friends can stay vigorous and healthy with an excellent quality of life.

Disease Prevention for Small Pets

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Many small mammals do not require vaccines; however, some small pets, such as ferrets, do require vaccinations and the rabies vaccine is required by New York state law. We will advise you on the types of diseases and parasites that may plague your pocket pets and how to keep them healthy and happy.

There are some small pets that develop zoonotic diseases, which are those that can infect your family members. We encourage you to visit the CDC Healthy Pets, Healthy People website for information and helpful tips about protecting your family.

Ask Us for a Recommendation

We recommend contacting us when you think you are ready for a pocket pet, so we can offer guidance and recommendations prior to your purchase. In addition, we can advise you of the most appropriate products for specific pocket pets, including safe caging, quality bedding, and healthy food.

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